Celestron 3D Bug Specimen Kit No. 5


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The Celestron 3D Bug Specimen Kit #5 contains specimens perfectly preserved in resin. These specimens are ideal for observing and imaging with any Celestron digital microscope. The crystal clear resin lets you observe the insects from all angles. They can be used for school projects, research, and much more.These specimens make the perfect gift for the young scientist in your life. They’ll love learning about fascinating insects from around the world, and studying their anatomy up close. They can even display the insects in his or her room when not in use.This kit includes:Asian Giant Hornet (Vespa mandarina Smith)Emerald Rose Chafer (Trigonophorus rothschildi varians Bourgoin)Ant (no common name) (Camponotus pseudoirritans)Jewelled Frog Beetle (Sagra femorata purpurea Lichtenstein)