CELESTRON Astro Fi 5 Schmidt-Cassegrain Catadioptic Telescope – Black, Black


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Top features: – “Go to” computerised technology automatically lets you see objects – Built-in WiFi lets you control the telescope from your smartphone – Tool-free setup for instant stargazing “Go to” computerised technologyYou don’t have to be an expert stargazer to enjoy the delights if the night sky. The Celestron Astro Fi 5 Schmidt-Cassegrain Catadioptic Telescope features “Go to” technology that can automatically show you any location from its 120,0000-object database. You won’t need any prior knowledge of where objects are based. The telescope will also advise you which objects are currently visible from your location.Built-in WiFiControl the telescope using your smartphone with the Celestron SkyPortal app for iOS and Android. Just pair the phone with the telecsope’s built-in WiFi, and point your phone up at the sky, and select your object. The telescope will take you there.Tool-free setupSetting up the telescope is easy. It requires no tools, which means you can get straight to stargazing. If you fancy, you can hook up your Canon or Nikon SLR camera to it for breath-taking astronomy photos.