Celestron PowerSeeker 50AZ Telescope

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The Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ Telescope is a great option if you’re looking for a telescope that you can take with you on the go. Whether you’re visiting a friend who‘s also interested in astronomy, fancy some star gazing on a camping trip, or want to take your telescope anywhere else with you, this is likely to be ideal for you. The Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ is extremely simple to set up, meaning that it takes hardly any time to get started and find yourself behind the lense.

This telescope is capable of seeing everything that you’re likely to want to see. This includes moons, planets, star clusters and even brighter deep sky objects. Users have reported even being able to see the Orion Nebula and the Andromeda Galaxy at night using the Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ. It can also be successfully used as a spotting scope during the day, thanks to its erect image star diagonal paired with its optical tube.

The telescope makes use of manual Alt-azimuth to help you track the night sky in an up, down, left and right direction. This form of tracking is fine for most beginner to intermediate users.

Celestron PowerSeeker 50AZ Telescope Essentials

Another benefit of this telescope is that it comes with four different eyepieces. These are a 20 mm eyepiece, a 12 mm eyepiece, a 4 mm eyepiece and a 1.5 x image erecting eyepiece. You also get a star diagonal, a finderscope and a 3 x Barlow lense. As you can see, you get everything you need for the ultimate stargazing experience included.