Celestron Travel Scope 50 Telescope

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Looking for a travel friendly telescope? The Celestron Travel Scope 50 Telescope is the telescope for you. This telescope has been specially designed for use on the go. This is pretty clear in a number of its features. First and foremost, the Celestron Travel Scope 50 has a particularly quick and easy set up without the use for any tools at all. This means that when you pack it down, you can pick it up, take it with you and set it up as and where you please whenever is convenient for you. The telescope also comes with a custom travel backpack, which will safely and securely store your optical tube, tripod, eyepieces and accessories.

So, whether you’re going on a camping trip, heading outdoors for some stargazing with friends or want to actually take your telescope on vacation with you, this is the ultimate option and will serve all of your needs.

The Celestron Travel Scope 50 Telescope also has a host of other beneficial features too. Alongside being lightweight and portable, the telescope is a quality refractor telescope that is suitable for celestial and terrestrial viewing. So, if you fancy trying your hand at a bit of bird watching, it will suit your needs well here too. In terms of celestial viewing, the telescope will allow you to effectively see moons, planets, star clusters and even brighter deep sky objects, such as the Orion Nebula or the Andromeda Galaxy.

This telescope really is multipurpose and high quality – particularly for its price. So, why not give it a try?  You’ll have a small and portable telescope for those quick dashes out to see something at short notice.  It’s not the most sophisticated telescope but that’s not what you want if you’re about to set up and look quickly an astronomical event.

Celestron Travel Scope 50 Telescope – Travel Friendly

Celestron Travel Scope 50 Telescope