Discover The Magic Of The Night Skies With A Stargazing For Two At High Force Waterfall – Virgin Days Voucher


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Discover the magic of the night skies with a Stargazing for Two at The Breath-Taking High Force Waterfall. With the rest of the group, you’ll walk down to the stunning High Force waterfall, learning about the unique landscape and what makes it so special as you go. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll have the chance to light up the waterfalls with torches and take photographs on your phone (other cameras are not permitted, due to available space). If the sky is clear, you’ll look at and discuss what can be seen in the night sky. You’ll be provided with astronomy binoculars (one pair to share with the person you came with), so you can really appreciate the awe-inspiring web of constellations above. You’ll leave the event with a greater knowledge of the dark sky, including how to find key objects on your own. Perfect for anyone with a passion for stargazing or simply those who enjoy unforgettable views in unique surroundings.