Kingston DataTraveler 20 USB Flash Drive 2.0 64GB


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Kingston’s DataTraveler 20 (DT20) USB flash drive is compliant with USB 2.0 specifications that are supported by a wide range of devices such as notebooks, desktop PCs and consoles to name a few. The DT20 makes storing and transferring files, videos, music, presentations, etc. simple and easy to use. Just plug it and leave it in. The DT20 features a cost-effective minimal design, without a cap, making it compact and easily portable. Available in capacities from 32GB – 64GB, the DT20 is a dependable USB 2.0 flash drive that comes with free tech support and a 3-year warranty.Features- Portable and simple design- Dependable storage- Capacities up to 64 GB- 3-year warranty and free tech supportSpecificationsCapacities: 32GB, 64GB,Speed: USB 2.0