Meade Lightbridge Mini 82 Tabletop Telescope White


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The LightBridge Mini 82 Tabletop Telescope – White allows you to setup and share the stargazing experience in seconds. Whether you are camping in the outdoors or relaxing in your backyard. Lightbridge Mini Dobsonians are ideal grab-and-go telescopes, offering easy and portable observation for an excellent value.The LightBridge Mini 82, 114 and 130 offer magnificent light gathering ability to see a variety of planets, nebulae, star clusters and galaxies. Each model requires no aligning or assembly, which means you are ready-to-go straight out of the box. The 82mm model is perfectly equipped for those starting the hobby, whilst the 114mm and 130mm boast a vixen-style dovetail and parabolic mirror are for those who seek versatility and clarity. The Lightbridge Mini series has a simple point-and-look design, and a 360° lazy Susan style mount that anyone can appreciate while stargazing.Now, any outdoor dinners and activities can effortlessly incorporate astronomy and stargazing, because the LightBridge Mini is not just an astronomical tool, but also a conversation starter. With its sleek, compact design, it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The tabletop design allows the LightBridge Mini to be displayed as a decorative piece while still being able to give a fantastic view of the stars when the moment strikes. The LightBridge Mini series provides the perfect scope for anyone. The amateur and professional astronomer now has the perfect tool to share the hobby with enthusiasts and beginners alike. Those new to astronomy or just getting started can appreciate the night sky with no intimidation.Features- Compact, tabletop Dobsonian – Get set-up and stargazing in seconds – Easy and portable observation straight out of the box – 360⁰ rotating mount for smooth navigation – View planets, nebulae, star clusters and galaxies – Ideal for camping trips, exploring outdoors or simply relaxing in the garden – Eye-catching conversation piece for any room or outdoor area – Suitable for all abilities- Newtonian Reflector with a generous 82mm (3.2″) aperture to give you a great view of the Moon and planets- Lightweight (3.8 lbs) and a compact 300mm (f/3.7) focal length for ultimate portability- Comes with 26mm (12x) and 9mm (33x) eyepieces for low and high magnifications- Includes a 2x Barlow lens to double the magnifying power of your eyepieces- 360° swivel mount and a simple point-and-look design for easy useSpecificationsSeries: LightBridge MiniWarranty: 1 YearExperience Level: BeginnerClear Aperture: 82mmOptical Design: Newtonian ReflectorFocal Length: 300Focal Ratio: f/3.7Resolving Power (Dawes’ Limit): 1.425 arc-secondsViewfinder: Red DotEyepiece(s): 1.25″ 9mm (33x) & 26mm (12x)Barlow: 2xFocuser Mechanism: 1.25″ Rack and PinionAssembled Product Dimension: 8.25″ L x 8.25″ W x 17″ HAssembled Product Weight: 3.8 lbs