Meade Polaris Motor Drive for Polaris series Equatorial Telescopes


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The Meade Polaris Electric RA Motor Drive attaches easily and directly to the Meade Polaris EQ telescopes 216001 through 216006. With the motor drive attached and turned on, the telescope can move at the sidereal rate to track any celestial object and keep it centered in the telescopic field. With the variable speed adjustment, you can quickly and easily change the tracking speed to track the moon, planets, or stars. With the Polaris EQ mount properly aligned to the pole, (see telescope instruction manual) the motor drive will keep the object in the field of view for 10 to 20 minutes before re-centering is required. Compatible with both Northern Hemisphere and South Hemisphere operation. Direction of tracking is controlled via a convenient N/S switch on the motor housing. Once installed, the RA motor drive may be left permanently attached to the telescope. Requires a single standard 9V battery (included) which will last many enjoyable observing sessions, approximately 40 hours total run time.Technical Details- For use on Polaris mounts only- Provides sidereal tracking of the RA axis- Includes 9v battery for up to 40 hours of use- Battery Lifetime: Up to 40 hours (depending on motor speed and temperature)- Dimensions: 90 x 63 x 94mm including bracket- Weight: 250g