SkyWatcher Infinity 76P Telescope


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The Sky-Watcher Infinity-76P Telescope is a 3″ Parabolic Reflector telescope which has technology usually only found in larger, more expensive telescopes. The primary mirror is altered during polishing bringing the light rays onto a common focal plane, this results in sharp images full of detail. The Infinity-76P collects 131% more starlight than the average 50mm toy telescope, which brings hundreds more objects into view. It has intuitive up-down, left-right maneuverability making it a perfect user-friendly telescope for children. Setting up the telescope is so easy that it is almost ready straight out of the box. Specifications: – Magnification: x30 – Diameter of Primary Mirror: 76mm – Telescope Focal Length: 300mm (f/4) – Eyepieces Supplied: 30x Erecting (Provides upright image for terrestrial use) – Parabolic Primary Mirror – Helical Focusing – Tabletop Cradle – Gift Box